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Poem after coming home!

Posted by lee g on Wednesday, March 4, 2015,

It started out great I came into this world little did I know the small self worth

It wasn’t all bad but that soon did change

Mom and dad didn’t want me I was already astray

Another family took me we ALL thought it be alright

But once again that crazy life had a big scary flight

Whisked away from family and taken far away confusion took that mind  and twisted it strange ways

Rules for control and  sexual abuse that was known  a young  teenage soul was left to die all alone

Back hom...

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How to make a Decision

Posted by lee g on Sunday, January 27, 2013,

This meme brings back one memory in particular about when I was at a restaurant with my friend and her family to celebrate her birthday. I had been out of Provo Canyon School for about 11 months and was enjoying a night out when my friend’s family and friends when her  dad suddenly asked me if I was ok and what I needed. I then realized that I was sitting with my hand up waiting to be called on because I needed to use the bathroom at first I hadn’t even realized that I was raising my ha...

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About Me

I myself attended 2 troubled teen programs in Utah. One program was called New Haven used a family structure which involved peers in other peers treatment suchas other children watching peers shower or having children participate in peers being restrained. After about a month I left and attended Provo Canyon School ( PCS). At PCS I was physically, sexually, emotionally and physically abused. I did attempt to sue the school but failure by my parents to believe me and act quicker resulted in statute of limitations running out.


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