It started out great I came into this world little did I know the small self worth

It wasn’t all bad but that soon did change

Mom and dad didn’t want me I was already astray

Another family took me we ALL thought it be alright

But once again that crazy life had a big scary flight

Whisked away from family and taken far away confusion took that mind  and twisted it strange ways

Rules for control and  sexual abuse that was known  a young  teenage soul was left to die all alone

Back home again an empty shell I thought I would find the way

 but wrongness had transpired and I noticed a happy life was takin away

God teaches strange lessons like live is not always fair

But one thing is always true you and GOD make a good pair

I listen and know others feel the same

 but some win the battle and other fade away in pain

Thinking I was strong how stupid could I be?

I thought id win this battle turns out I really was weak.

The fire burns through the skin, the body finally dies  

I wont cry anymore because ill be  before the LORD